miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2011

Capleton – King Shango The King of Fire Mixed (2011)

01.conscience ah heng dem (intro)
02.dem bun up
03.great mi seh
04.hide (when dem see me)
05.tun up
06.knock it
07.no love
08.fire pon obeah
09.choose your friend
10.fire nuh fi tun down
11.whine mek u wiggle
12.sexy and braud
13.melting pot (remix)
15.nuh kill out no artist
17.nah tek
19.girls ready now
21.fed up with the system
22.get real
23.same struggle (feat. teflon)
24.can't get us out
25.me meditation
26.too greedy
27.know them
28.run the place (remix)
29.i love to see (remix)
30.higher than the sky
31.have some hope
32.solidarity part 2 (feat. mykal rose)
33.break us apart (feat. stephen marley)

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