jueves, 9 de junio de 2011

Lee Perry - Produced And Directed By The Upsetter.


I Man Free (King Burnett)
Free Man (The Upsetter)
Zion (The Flames)
Zion Version (The Upsetter)
Bike No Licence (Easton Clarke)
Unlicensend Dub (The Upsetter)

Crying Over You (The Heptones)
Crying Dub (The Upsetter)
Financial Crisis (The Silvertones)
Financial Dub (The Upsetter)
False Teachings (Junior Murvin)
Teachers Dub (The Upsetter)

Backbiting (Winston Heywood And The Hombres)
Chastising Dub (The Upsetter)
Houses Of Parliament (The Meditations)
Dub Of Parliament (The Upsetter)
Guide Line (George Faith)
Dub Line (The Upsetter)
Philistines On The Land (Junior Murvin)
Bingo Kid (The Upsetter)

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